Realize that your life at this very moment is the result of everything that you have ever thought, done, believed or felt up until now. 
 Have you checked your Aura lately? 
  Are you healthy & in balance?
Light Blue/Green Healthy and that is Elke's norm; no drugs 
    This is a very busy and judgemental brain or sabateour. 
 Thoughts create and this is what she created as a reminder of that fact.
This is Elke on prescription medication.
Elke Keil is a powerful soul I would trust implicitly to guide me to wellness through Transformational Hypnotherapy. She is a profound healer with a deep spiritual background that is so rare. You are in good hands working with Elke!
Marilyn Diamond
Author, Fit for Life
"Dr. Elke Keil is a master at Transformational Hypnotherapy. Combined with her talent as a Spiritual Life Coach, she is readily able to assist you to uncover deep seated limitations that keep you from being your best and living the life of your dreams."
Dr. Donald Schnell
Dean College of Transformational Hypnotherapy
Author, The Initiation
A Certified Medical Diagnostic System/Germany  
The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® are holistic biofeedback systems that give scientific information and interpretation for the bio-energetic information of 49 human organs, the full body electromagnetic field and seven major energy centers (chakras). These devices reveal the role of the client's psychology in their health condition and provides a detailed, color-coded analysis. This is the first biofeedback imaging technology that duplicates the full body color aura of the human energy field utilizing the information from more than 140 measuring stations on the system's hand plate. The system then displays the vitality of 49 body parts, including 8 brain parameters. Illustrated on-screen formats include organ graphs, a color analysis of the reflex zones, full and half body bio-field pictures, and chakra analysis. These devices reveal the role of the client's psychology in their health condition and provides a detailed, color-coded analysis.  Measurements 

The information provided during a consultation on the Biopulsar Reflexograph biofeedback system is intended to compliment, not replace, the advice of your own physician and/or health care professional. Always consult with your own doctor about individual needs and any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention and before starting or ceasing any medication, course of treatment, exercise regimen, or diet.  .